Trying to sell your product/service without understanding their customer buyer type, is like throwing cooked spaghetti at the wall … hoping something will stick. Ever had a whirlwind shopping spree where you bought everything in sight, only to realize later that half the stuff doesn’t really vibe with you? If you answered a sheepish ‘yes’ […]

The 4 Customer Buyer Types, Know Your Type, Boost Your Sales

90 day challenge to grow your business

Well, folks, it’s time to pull up a chair, brew a cup of tea, or if you’re feeling particularly festive, pop a bottle of champagne. Why, you ask? Because we’re about to dive into the epic tale of my 90-day plan, an adventure filled with victories, missteps, and a whole lot of learning. Armed with […]

I started a 90 Day Plan, and This Is How It Grew My Business

The Building Blocks of Success: Daily Habits and Momentum Think of Daily Habits and Momentum as the building blocks of a skyscraper. Each habit, no matter how small, contributes to the solid foundation of your business. Whether it’s responding to emails, engaging with your audience on social media, or dedicating time to skill development, these […]

Daily Habits and Momentum: the key to success in business.

The journey of manifestation is a path of self-discovery, transformation, and empowerment. It’s about aligning our thoughts, emotions, and energy with our desires to create the reality we envision. However, there’s a subtle yet powerful force that often sabotages our manifestation efforts: judgment and jealousy. These emotions not only hinder our progress but also keep […]

Title: Breaking Free from the Trap of Judgment and Jealousy: How They Keep Us Stuck

Plus a shit ton of mindset and energy work.  I get asked often “ how do you do it all”  “ I just do” is my answer  It doesn’t feel hard to me, to create a bi weekly podcast, show up on you tube, post on 3x business instargam pages, manage 2 Facebook groups, send […]

Building a business that lasts requires DISCIPLINE and action 

We don’t really do one-night stands over here, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but its just not the vibe for me Not that I’ve ever had one BTW, but just the idea of sleeping with someone for the first time freaks me out. I won’t know what they like, they will have no […]

I’m kind of a long term relationship girl … 

How I’m launching should not necessarily be the way you should be launching ✖️ What products I am offering should not necessarily be the products you should be offering ✖️ The way I am marketing should not necessarily be the way you should be marketing ✖️ Because  copy and paste is never the vibe  Something […]

How I’m selling should not necessarily be the way you should be selling ✖️

Ladies, let’s be real. Running a business is tough work. From managing employees to juggling finances, it can take a toll on both our physical and mental health. That’s why I’m here to talk about a little secret weapon that can help us power through those tough days: ice baths. I know what you’re thinking, […]

Ice baths, my secret weapon

Lucky Girl Syndrome is a term used to describe a TIK TOK phenomenon where women seem to attract good luck, opportunities, and success effortlessly.  Some attribute this to factors such as beauty, charm, and intelligence. Others believe that the Law of Assumption is at play, where individuals attract what they believe to be true. While […]


Then there is the other version 

The one crippled by PMDD … 

* Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD)

I’ve been diagnosed with this for a few years, after the doctors picked up a pattern in my hormone issues in 2018 and told me … “feeling like you want to smash things and throw people through walls, and burn it all to the ground .. isn’t your normal PMS”

My Battle with PMDD