I might teach manifestation, I might speak about energetics every single day ….

But that’s just one half of my success, a massive part that i love teaching … but still only half of what is really going on behind the scenes. 

**Behind the VIBES, behind the energetics, there is a very intentional very strategic plan in place**

This is a plan I have been using since 2015, and has allowed me to achieve everything you see in front of my today

**The foundation of consistency, momentum, and tracking …**

It’s why I can move fast,
it’s why I can be present on multiple platforms,
it’s why running 2 companies feels easy,
it’s why before a new year even starts I can predict multi 6 figures locked in already,
it’s why I have become KNOWN, it’s why I’m able to compress time and build momentum,
it’s why decisions are easy and I have the data to know what’s working and what isn’t …

it’s very intentional strategy,
Combined with daily habits, and personal development

This is not a mistake, this is not magic

Do magic incredible things happen, hell yes, do I combine this strategy with powerful energetics YES

But it’s the strategy which is the cornerstone piece to my growth and success …

There’s is magic when you commit to daily actions and hold yourself to a new standard …

Ready to learn how?

round 3 - july 2024

90 day challenge 

xx shona 

Meet the author / teacher

Hi, I'm Shona, and I'm Obsessed with Money Mindset

Shona is a Mum of 3 from Australia. Self-proclaimed badass wine lover and authenticity ambassador. Shona is Passionate about helping Mums overcome their limiting beliefs about money, totally transform their Money Mindset and Un-complicate their finances  Giving them the tools and support to Empower Mums who want to learn how to manifest Wealth ... without all the fluff.

Founder of Sexy Selfish 
and Tyne Creative studio