Building a business that lasts requires DISCIPLINE and action 

Plus a shit ton of mindset and energy work. 

I get asked often “ how do you do it all” 

“ I just do” is my answer 

It doesn’t feel hard to me, to create a bi weekly podcast, show up on you tube, post on 3x business instargam pages, manage 2 Facebook groups, send out newsletters every week and keep up with all my coaching clients. 

None of this feels hard for me, because Ive spent 10 years cultivating the daily habits to be able to built, capture and expanding the. Momentum from this consistency. 

But it didn’t happen over night, 

First I started an IG page, and I committed to posting every day 

Then I started a Fb group MUMS MANIFESTING WEALTH, and I set my self challenges to go live regularly , to post in there with consistency 

Then after I was nailing that, I added in a PODCAST , first I did weekly, episodes, and once we did over 150 eps and 10,000 downloads, I shifted to bi weekly episodes.

I send newsletters every single Monday, and have done so since 2018 . 

I show up in my Elite membership multiple times every week, and launch courses 4x times a year …. 

I can do all of this, because I made a commitment and decision within myself to hold this standard. 

When you are working for someone else and your boss says, every day you need to take the cash to the bank, every morning you need to vacuum before the store opens, every day you need to put away the filing …. You do it, its the non negotiable, the routine and structure that keeps the business running. 

Its a policy, a procedure … 

So why don’t you treat your own business the same?  you might not have to vacuum the shop floor, but instead you’ve got to show up and post something, write and email or follow up on proposals … 

Being your own boss means flexibility creativity, curating your dream life and business 

But it also means actually holding yourself to a standard, creating consistency so your audience trusts and knows you to show up as you say you will.  Cultivating daily habits to build momentum and continue to grow. 

Im not saying start everything tomorrow, im saying pick one thing you know you need to do, and do it propel, with consistency, for 28 days, before adding another habit it … layer and layer it until  people as also asking you “how do you do it all babe” 

One habit at a time, built with consistency to create momentum in which becomes trust, certainty and powerful branding. 

 So, which habit are you doing to hold yourself to for the next 28 days ? 

X Shona 

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Building a business that lasts requires DISCIPLINE and action 

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