I’m kind of a long term relationship girl … 

We don’t really do one-night stands over here, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but its just not the vibe for me

Not that I’ve ever had one BTW, but just the idea of sleeping with someone for the first time freaks me out. I won’t know what they like, they will have no idea how to get me “there” …. 

I much prefer the trust, safety and consistency of my 15 year relationship, I mean he KNOWS what I like .. I mean KNOWS, every button to push, every angle to hit, every word to tip me over the edge, and after 15 years we keep evolving, surprising and growing together… I guess you can say, when it’s good, it’s GOOD. 

For me its the same in business, 

When I work with someone, we go DEEP, we go long term strategy, we are building consistency, habits, connection, trust, and guiding them forward …. And that type of work is really hard to condense down to a 1 hour masterclass, or a once off strategy call . 

You need to reveal the layers behind a client, what makes her tick,  what is her genius zone, where is she in alignment, peeling back the layers bit by bit to create that same, trust, safety, consistency that leads to evolution and growth. 

There’s actually nothing more frustrating to me, that ONLY getting 1 hour on a call with a clients, only getting 1 month of voxer support, like its fun and expansive and fuck yes we get results, but it always leaves me seeking more, knowing we have only just cracked the lid on what I know is possible for you with the right systems and the right support. 

Like a quickie, where you don’t get to come … 

There is a difference between quickly grabbing your vibrator and aggressively smashing your clit in the shower to get off as fast as possible … and  the tension building  up after a day or sexting, an erotic massage and delicious, juicy, slow session resulting in 3 amazing earth shattering orgasms where you forget your own name and then sleep like a baby for 12 hours … 

You know what I mean .. 

Because  when we tap in once off ….. we only JUST scratch the surface, what you see for your business, the vision you hold … is like 5% of the vision I can now see for your potential. 

The strategy we implemented was just one tiny part of a much bigger omnipresent, multi channel approach to your offer suite and marketing  strategy. 

And even though I KNOW I prefer the long term containers of 3/6/12 months with my clients … I still offer the 1 month, once off option .. sometimes. 

Because I know for some people that’s what they need,  they just need a quickie first. 

Either because that is already a big stretch for them financially, 

Because stye just need a little reminder of how badass they already are, and already have everything else down pat

Or because of some past coaching trauma that left them hesitant and unsure  ( yep it happens, ) 

An I get it … I 100% get it. 

Because I love a quickie too, and I can handle a quicky bent over the bathroom counter everyone in a while. If I know I’m getting the 4 hour long, amazing earth shattering, experiences too. 

While I’m ready to dive in the deep end and go balls to the wall on helping them create a badass and bulletproof business and life, learning exactly what strokes, angles,  licks and words turn them on  … they might still be at “dipping their toe in the shallow end”  to make sure it’s safe. 

 So please know, 

We might date

We might flirt 

We might hang out 

But when you are ready to dive in, I’m here waiting  …. To learn ALL about you, and create a life so pleasurable and a business so fucking sexy, that for a moment, you forget your own name.

X Shona 





I’m kind of a long term relationship girl … 

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