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Shona Gates 

HEy there, Im Shona Gates 

Multipassionate CEO

Big Vision Babe

Unapologetically Ambitious

Late Diagnosed ADHD 

Coffee Addict, and fan of a *f Bomb

Half wise oracle of abundant advice and truths
Half chaotic rave squirrel with ADHD. I'm Here to show women in business you can create income and impact and you can do it all from a place of integrity, that you can feel truly badass + bulletproof every single day. 

10 years of growing brands and mentoring women 

Choose your path 

Sometimes it's money mindset and the energetic part you need to shift to create more income. Sometimes it's a marketing and messaging angle that needs to be shifted and tweaked to create more sales. The good news… Is that I can support you with BOTH  .....Energetics + strategy 


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Join me for conversations on money manifesting, business growth, radical self-trust, magnetic marketing, sex, honesty and creating legacy and abundance in your life and business. 

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Hi, I'm Shona, 

People come to me to work on the strategic points behind growth, impact and visibility. People come to Me to work on the energetics behind success, raising their prices, making more money and income. But the reason they come to me instead of someone else is…. INTEGRITY ❕ Because if there is one thing I'm even more passionate about than income + impact. It's INTEGRITY. Building a business in alignment with YOUR values, in a way that feels good in your soul, without manipulation, tricks, or toxic marketing.
The long term vision ....

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