Explore the behind-the-scenes life of a multipassionate mumpreneur, balancing work and family while on vacation.

Today is not a normal day. It’s school holidays, and we’re staying at the beach house. I don’t have any calls on my calendar for the next 4 weeks. But Im a multipassionate adhd mumpreneur whos not happy unless shes doing a million things … so I can’t resist working while on vacation with my […]

multipassionate ADHD Mumpreneur : A day in the life

My work saves me … It shouldn’t. I know it’s not meant to … I’m meant to self-care, take a bubble bath, go for a walk, and all that bullshit that’s meant to relax me … it doesn’t. If I’m ever feeling overwhelmed, anxious, overly emotional, struggling, or just DONE with being a mum to […]

When im drowning in motherhood, my work is my escape.

I’ve always been the responsible one, the empathetic one, the one that gets on with her work, the one that organises the group, the one that people come to vent their problems …I was proud of that, I thrived in that .. until I didn’t.

Responsibility and Vulnerability …

My success is a direct reflection of my organisation and life strategies that allow me the capacity to grow.I’ve learnt this recently … a massive shift in my growth has not come from Facebook ads, strategy or hardcore sales calls …

It’s come from cleaning out my pantry, organising my files, and getting my calendar synced with my team. It’s been about creating organisation and systems, so I know exactly where my capacity lies, and how many women I can help.

How organising my pantry helped my business grow… 

When it comes to Autism and ADHD it’s not one size fits all. We MUST be able to step back and look at the bigger picture of the family, to create solutions

Navigating Autism, our neurodivergent family