When im drowning in motherhood, my work is my escape.

My work saves me …

It shouldn’t. I know it’s not meant to …

I’m meant to self-care, take a bubble bath, go for a walk, and all that bullshit that’s meant to relax me … it doesn’t.

If I’m ever feeling overwhelmed, anxious, overly emotional, struggling, or just DONE with being a mum to 3 ADS kids, it’s work that pulls me out of the hole.

Last weekend was extra hard for me, it just felt hard and long, two days sandwiched between hectic crazy weeks, left me feeling like a should be resting, recovering and binging Netflix, but instead, I just felt restless and frustrated.

I did the things, the things you are meant to do …

I sat in the sun

I drank a big glass of water

I had a coffee

I wrote down the things I was grateful for,

I stretched my body

I had an orgasm  ( this normally fixes EVERYTHING )

and … I still felt this frustration sitting under my skin.

So, Aaron took the kids out for a walk around the block, and I went into my office to finish up a strategy report for a client. Immediately as I started typing, the weight lifted.

The restlessness under my skin dissipated, and I felt like I could breathe again.

My Work is my happy place

My work is my joy

My work is my escape,

My clients are my passion

Write your own rules babe, Decide what self-care and a “relaxing” weekend look like to you…

Get really familiar with asking yourself not “what should I do” but instead “what do I really need right now to take care of me…. ?”

And then remember you don’t have to justify the answer to anyone; if that means wrapping yourself up like a burrito and watching the notebook for the 100th time, do it;

If it means cooking potatoes, bake at 4 am because fuck it #carbsarelife …or even if it means drafting some blogs on Sunday afternoon because it makes you feel really fucking good.

No justification, explanation or apologies necessary

x Shona

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When im drowning in motherhood, my work is my escape.

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