How organising my pantry helped my business grow… 

I spend the school holidays with sick kids and reorganise my house. Diving deep into the organisation, ASMR tags on ticktock and ordering storage bins and drawer organisers. I spent less time on my “work” and more time on feeling really good, cranking music, sorting out my linen press, and ordering bulk items online like batteries and light globes. 

My success is a direct reflection of my organisation and life strategies that allow me the capacity to grow. 

I’ve learnt this recently … a massive shift in my growth has not come from Facebook ads, strategy or hardcore sales calls …

It’s come from cleaning out my pantry, organising my files, and getting my calendar synced with my team. It’s been about creating organisation and systems, so I know exactly where my capacity lies, and how many women I can help.

What sometimes gets labelled as avoidance or procrastination for women in business… has been removing blocks I’ve needed for a while.

Not mindset blocks but more subconscious lifestyle limitations that kept me from fully stepping into my power.

My pantry isn’t hyper-organised for the aesthetic, it’s hyper-organised, so it takes less time to figure out what’s running low each week.

My diaries are set up and synced, not just because I love colour-coded pastels, but so I can make sure I don’t double book myself for any meetings or projects ( running two companies is hectic y’all )

My apps aren’t all organised into folders, so my phone looks cute. It’s about less mental clutter, babe.

Sometimes the growth and success are found in doing things we might not expect, and to be honest, babe, I’ve made more money this week while organising my  beauty blenders into containers than I’ve made any day sitting and staring at my computer waiting for it to happen.

Full permission, right now, to take an honest look around you from a holistic LIFE perspective not just business, and recognise what is holding you back, what do you need to clear our ( mental or physical ), where can you implement better systems and strategies, how can you ask for more help.

The seasons of life can be messy and chaotic, and that’s ok, but you can also decide to make the best of it and thrive 

X Shona

A slightly less hot mess with an organised linen press

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How organising my pantry helped my business grow… 

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