multipassionate ADHD Mumpreneur : A day in the life

Today is not a normal day. It’s school holidays, and we’re staying at the beach house. I don’t have any calls on my calendar for the next 4 weeks. But Im a multipassionate adhd mumpreneur whos not happy unless shes doing a million things … so I can’t resist working while on vacation with my family because I fucking LOVE what I do, and this is what makes me happy, running 2 growing companies.

Shona and aaron gates stand on point turton beach south australia, multipassionate adhd mumprenuer

Here’s a glimpse into my day:

Morning ….

  • Wake up and tell myself I won’t check my phone, but end up checking my phone and responding to DMs
  • Sneak out for a walk before the toddler wakes up and feel a blister coming on in my worn-out sneakers that I’ve been meaning to replace for years
  • Think, “Fuck it, I’ll be fine” and keep going because I want to close that little green ring
  • Hobble inside, rip off my shoes and throw them in the bin because I not only have one blister, but a blister on top of a blister
  • Order new sneakers while making Weetbix for the toddler
  • Kids and hubby are up now, showers and getting ready for the day.
  • Feel a bit ragey over the bread bag not being closed, and remember i need to take my ADHD meds, * takes meds
  • Sneak out on the deck to respond to a handful of Voxer messages from my amazing clients. The kids interrupt me a million times, but my clients are used to the background noise of “mum life”
  • We discuss revenue targets for 2024, personal goals, and messaging about price increases. I find myself smiling like a loon and telling my husband, “Fuck, I love doing this”
  • We play Scrabble, and my 9-year-old wins (because I helped her with about 50% of the words). I come in 2nd because I was trying to play the entire board and create words to spread it out, rather than focusing on points. Lesson learned: next time, screw the board, I’m going for the points
  • Take 2x 15-minute discovery calls for my design business. … proposals wont be sent until next week when im home. The design business is my second company founded in 2021, because i guess thats what you do when you are multipassionate and get bored easily.

Afternoon …

  • Lunch and off to the beach. It’s only a 5-minute drive, but I manage to squeeze in some song reviewing on the way. Reviewed 8 new artists and provided feedback … $$$
  • Apple watch alarm goes off .. and i take my second round of meds #adhdlife
  • All set up and time to swim. The kids have fun, hubby judges the sandcastle competition and sneaks me a gin and tonic he packed. My creativity kicks in, and I record a few IG stories too
  • I stubbornly get sunburnt despite my husband’s three reminders to put on sunscreen and my adamant “I’ll be fine” attitude. Narrator: She was not fine. She was toasted AF
  • Back to the shack, salty, sandy, and happy, check emails, see $$$ payment notifications. one or the many perks to multipassionate business owner

Evening ….

  • Dinner, showers, and then the kids sit down to play Mario Kart with Daddy, while I grab my laptop and work on the launch for the Bulletproof Business Event and report for the 90-day plan, as well as post on IG, and respond to comments on TikTok, the life of a multipassionate business woman hey … and then spend way too long researching DIY lash lift products, before finally remembering ill order it then forget about it .. and to just stick with my 2 weekly lash appointments.
  • Toddler argues about bedtime, and after three “last books,” we both fall asleep in his bed. Hubby wakes me up, and after a quick shower to wash off the saltwater, we go to bed
  • 2 orgasms later, ( because its better than sleep meds ) and adhd insomnia sucks …. it’s time to actually sleep. Phone on sleep mode, smile on my face.

I’ve been building business and brands for 10 years now, while fitting it all in the cracks of my days between mumlife and autism mum life. while my “normal” days have a bit more structured work, this is what it looks like while on vacation … payments still rolling in, time spent with family, business leveraged to still create growth and income

it gets to be this way ..

scrabble on school holidays as a multipassionate adhd mumprenuer

🖤 Shona

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multipassionate ADHD Mumpreneur : A day in the life

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