How I’m selling should not necessarily be the way you should be selling ✖️

How I’m launching should not necessarily be the way you should be launching ✖️

What products I am offering should not necessarily be the products you should be offering ✖️

The way I am marketing should not necessarily be the way you should be marketing ✖️

Because  copy and paste is never the vibe 

Something I am super passionate is nuances conversations, personalised advice, self trust and unique positioning 

The opposite of the mass marketed workshops, down load my email funnel templates, one way only, high cost low touch … left over feeling dissatisfied bullshit clogging up the industry today 

I believe in deeply getting to know my clients and their business, but also their values, personalities, families … what are they truly seeking, what is the most important, what do they prioritise and value above all else 🙌🏼

And in my mastermind @badassandbulletproof it’s all about taking what you are excited to try and leaving the rest, 

Every module, every education topic, every Q+A is about… here are some options, here are some different perspectives, here are some case studies, let’s chat about which one would best fit your values, goals, lifestyle etc 

I’ve been running a business for over ten years now 

Successfully coaching women for the past 8 years 

And the main thing I’ve learnt is that it all comes back to YOU, the woman leading, impacting, passionate about what she does and why she does it.  The unique magic  of YOU, and that doesn’t need a copy-paste template or a 4-step formula 

It needs deeper conversations, self-trust, different perspectives and options  for you to figure out then what works for YOU 

I mean, what worked for me growing my business might work for you … but chances are the magic in you, means the strategy might look a little bit different 

And that’s ok 

In fact it’s essential 

Because there  is magic in our differences, and the world gets really fucking boring if every time you click on a website, it’s the same 6 step funnel  treating you like just another number 

Don’t be boring 

Don’t be basic 

Don’t be copy paste babe 

Your so filled with magic and passion and wisdom 🔥

Don’t be scared to forge your own path and create something refreshing, special and unique 

🖤 Shona 





How I’m selling should not necessarily be the way you should be selling ✖️

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