What does success mean to you?

I have recently been thinking about what achieving an abundant life and true success means to me.

It is one thing to be great at making money and be successful in the world’s eyes. It is another to feel successful. To truly FEEL abundant on every level. 

Recently, I took a day off to think about what abundance would mean to me. I then talked to a couple of my friends to learn more about their definition of success and abundance… I realised that everyone’s definition of success is SO vastly different!

For me, it would be to… genuinely feel supported by money and to know that every decision made in my life, in my company, and in the direction of my business could be made from a place of alignment, impact, and my soul truth.

Not from a place of fear or hitting specific income goals. It would be paying upfront, paying in full, sending my little team bonuses, and taking them away on lunches and weekends. It would mean running a business that works with my life and the ebb and flow of motherhood—not battling against it every day.  

Shona Gates money mindset coach – Photographed by Lydia – For Abel Photography

Success would be allowing myself the space and boundaries to work when I’m at work … and then going to the beach and being at the beach (not thinking about work). I love what I do, but as my business grows and demands more of me, it also requires my health, mental and physical, so boundaries become more important than anything. 

Success to me looks like $100 bottles of champagne ONLY.

It looks like 5-star business lunches.

It looks like having the best team around me, supporting me and helping my business grow.

It looks like a cleaner more frequently for my home, 

It looks like a new laptop (for working while my kids are in therapy appts)

It looks like meal prep every week from Vintage Chef Co

It looks like fresh bunches of flowers, delicious-smelling candles, take away coffees from my favourite cafes. 

It looks like wearing sneakers and dresses every day. 

It looks like new tattoos and likes car washes every week. 

Like air pods in, emails instead of meetings.

Like badass playlists and topless sunbaking before the afternoon school run. 

Caffeinated, freshly masturbated and ready to grab the world by the balls every god damn day. 

It is one thing to be great at making money and be a success in the world’s eyes. It is another to feel successful. To truly FEEL abundant on every level.

I would feel… empowered, aligned, safe, connected, inspired, honest, truthful and trusting in myself, my capability, and my decisions. It would feel spontaneous,  exciting, accessible, driven, ambitious, flowing, adaptable, grounded and sexy. 

Because we can be, do, have it all if we so desire. 

What about you,?

What do success and abundance mean to you? I’m all ears!

x Shona 

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What does success mean to you?

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