I’m so sick of pretending to be perfect

It’s tempting to pretend that I’m wearing a clean bra,  or pretend that there are no smashed-up crackers at the bottom of my handbag, or pretend that I haven’t mumbled “for fucks sake” under my breath multiple ones today…

It’s tempting, because if I’m perfect … it’s easy to convince people that my x,y,z product will change their life …

It’s tempting to put up these perfect Instagram stories, to schedule just the right inspirational post at just the right time.

It’s tempting to sell you something by making you feel you’re not enough …

As disgusting as I feel, admitting that it’s true.

It’s tempting because, unfortunately, all these tactics work …

Tried, tested and proven

Portraying an aspirational image is what pays for kids’ school fees, keeps food on the table,  keeps your staff paid and your health insurance covered.

I’m not perfect – Shona Gates money mindset coach

It works …

That’s why, in moments of desperation, in moments about how the hell we cover the mortgage this month, it is tempting to slip into those hard-sell tactics,

It’s easy to slip into “I’m better than you” promotions

It’s yucky, it’s not fun … but it happens.

It happens when you forget your message when you are not in alignment with what you really want to impact

It happens when we slip from our higher consciousness back into fear, into struggle and back into lack.

When we begin to compare …  we began to look for the secret, the answer to that elusive next big break.

And sometimes we get $$ in our pocket … but at what cost?

Our integrity, our ethics,  our vision?

I vow to take the longer route, if possible the slower route, maybe even the hard route.

Because I will NOT compromise my own ethics just to get the $$

I will keep fighting for authenticity.

I will keep fighting to build a sustainable heart-to-heart connection in business.

I will keep that vision front and centre in everything I do.

Because it’s worth it

Because there’s no point pretending I’m perfect.

Perfect is exhausting

Because there is no point telling you what a great deal you are getting.

When you should just tune into your heart and ask yourself, do you really want this

So right now

Close your eyes

Put your hand on your heart

Do you want this?

x Shona





I’m so sick of pretending to be perfect

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