Are you self-sabotaging your goals?

So you want to manifest a tone of money right ???? 

You’re saying the affirmations, setting the intentions, wearing your selenite, visualizing yourself with your check from the universe ….

I mean, your doing EVERYTHING right …

So why isn’t that money headed straight your way? You’re doing what those online gurus tell you to, you’ve bought their course, you’ve listened to the meditations … why does it seem like it’s happening for everyone else, but not you? 

Are you self-sabotaging your goals? – Shona Gates – Sexy Selfish

Before we jump down their throat and start busting balls for refunds, there are a few things to consider here

1-  Timing, patience, and all that jazz  …. sometimes you still have some lessons to learn before you get your miracle

2-   Your money story – Is your money story stuck in a limiting belief which is holding you back … see my podcast MUMS MANIFESTING WEALTH to dive more into this.

or …. most often than not … it’s number 3

3- Your energetically and physically not create space for the money to come into your life 

Number 3 is the one a lot of people don’t talk about … but if you ask me it’s the MOST important one!

You are basically cock blocking the universe …and you don’t even know it

Trust me on this

if you want to manifest something into your life …. you need to create the space in your life for it to come in

It’s like saying “ I’m ready for money to flow into my life in large amounts”

but  …

You don’t really believe it because your still acting, thinking and believing your a broke shit

take Danielle for example ….

She’s been running a business for 3 years,  despite the best strategy, spending thousands of dollars on marketing,  working on removing her limiting beliefs about money and doing all the right money energy work …

the success, the $$$ just wasn’t coming

So the last time we grabbed a coffee I asked her “ babe, what happens when you get the money ?”

“umm, I don’t know, I just get it … and ill be really excited and it will feel awesome” she responded

See this is the problem …. 

When we dove deeper into it, I discovered Danielle didn’t even have a bank account open for her business

she literally had NOWHERE for the money to go, when she got it … 

Talk about sending mixed signals to the universe .. I mean, she was doing EVERYTHING RIGHT to manifest money …. but deep down, she didn’t believe in herself enough to open the bank account for the business.

She was saying “I’m worthy of Abundance” 

but her action was screaming “ I’m soo poor, this is never going to work, I’m not enough” See where are you cockblocking yourself from getting what you want?

The day she opened her bank account she manifested her first big contract ( making more in a week than she did the entire past 3 years), and pay pal contacted her to let her know they have an extra $850 sitting there waiting to transfer to her …

She created space in her life for the money to flow into

She took inspired action to step into the version of herself that was totally badass and successful

She raised her energy and she raised her reality to match what she was trying to manifest  … and oh, baby it worked like a charm

So where are you blocking yourself …. ????

Manifesting your dream car? – Shona Gates

Trying to manifest a car ….

– Clear out your garage so you have space, sell your old car so you’re ready to show, call up and get your insurance quotes sorted, go and test drive the model you want, and tell everyone you’re getting the car

Trying to manifest an incredible relationship  .. 

– Clear out some space in your wardrobe, buy the extra towels for your future partner, and RSVP YES +1 to that wedding next year

Trying to manifest extra money  …. 

– Throw out the receipts and coupons flooding your purse, file away your paid bills, organize your bank accounts, hell even open a new one and call it “ Bali boob job” if that’s what you are saving for


Yes … do the energy work

But  also …. step up in reality

It’s up to you to act AS IF its already done, to have faith that whatever you manifesting is on its way to you no matter what. Let your FAITH that it’s coming your way  …. be bigger than your FEAR of it not coming true soo…

My question for you …

Are you ready to step fully into the reality of being a wealthy woman?

are you really truly ready to attract more abundance into your life?

YES … of course, you are.

So it’s time to create space in your life for the EPICNESS that is headed your way. The minute you start acting AS IF … then you’re really saying to the universe

– I know I am worthy of an abundance

– I have faith that wealth is headed my way

– I believe in myself

– I deserve success

Because you and I both know there is a big difference between saying “ I believe in myself” and actually  really “believing in yourself”

that’s where taking the action, in reality, solidifies your intention instead of just saying “ I believe in myself ” your showing the fuck up and proving to the universe you are ready … 

This is what actually invites the $$$$ into your life.

So where can you show the F up today and show the universe you are ready!

X Shona

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Are you self-sabotaging your goals?

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