Sales calls are no longer the vibe.

For me … “sales calls” discovery calls, insert cliche name here —— calls ….. are not the vibe.

Not that there isn’t a place for a “get to know you call” but somewhere along the line these turned from friendly conversations to scripted manipulations 

Am I totally jaded… Yes, 

Have I experienced this guilt, fear, manipulation and dark psychological tactics …. Yes 

I want to say it was a long time ago, and everyone now is totally switched on and aligned, but that’s just not true. Even early this year I had a call with a publishing coach  as a “beta tester”… I thought I was getting a chat, and here some content to review a beta test, in return for testimonials etc …. But nope, she gave me nothing and expected me to hand over $25,000 before the call was out. 

I think I’ve been on the other side too many times… way too many times to count, in fact, I could probably write book number 3 on these experiences alone. 

Toxic sales calls … 

You know the ones where you’ve been talking for an hour and yet you’ve received not one single tip. solution or even a hint that they actually might have a strategy to help …

A call filled with toxic manipulative sales psychology bullshit aimed at getting you excited but also feeling just shitty enough about yourself to hand over your credit card details

And when you firmly and politely say, I’d like to think about it. Or I’m not sure if this is the right fit they “call you out” on your excuses or try to tell you your “playing small”

Hard pass …. HARD PASS !!!!

These women aren’t praying for successful, balanced, aware women .. they are preying on naive, excited, overwhelmed, newcomers …. ( because the more experienced women are going to see right through the bullshit )  And it’s not ok !!

I’ve had a lot of shitty experiences, but it’s also been some of my biggest lessons, and the biggest influence when it comes to deciding HOW I DO want to run my company, my coaching and my systems. 

If someone wants to work with me in a coaching capacity, they can find ALL the information on my website, what’s included, price, and payment options … there are detailed application forms and potential clients are always encouraged to send an email to my team or hit me up in the DMS if they have any questions. I’m happy to chat and even voice notes back and forth to answer any questions or give any more information than needed. 

Because my clients KNOW when they are ready … fully know body and soul that they are ready to take the leap.

They have read my books, done my workshops, and listened to my podcast, they know me, they know they are ready for the next step 

I don’t need to trap them on a phone call and use dirty manipulative tactics to get them to book with me.

Unfortunately, after a shit ton of research, I know the only way forward is through. We have to open up conversations, say “no” trust ourselves, and work more in alignment with our values and business pillars. And treat other people as we would like to be treated. 

It’s 2022! Let’s do fucking better !!!

X Shona

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Sales calls are no longer the vibe.

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