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Im going to teach you my killer goal setting strategy that perfectly combines energy work + inspired action planning. 

PERMIT YOURSELF TO IDENTIFY the deepest desires of your heart. and set goals that get you excited to wake up in the morning 

Fully own your goals and start to create a tangible action plan to get there. With my signature planning method. 

Discover the strategy and mindset your need to scale 6-7 figures and beyond. to create your dream life + business. 

Im in baby !

ready to level up your THING?

did you know...

Most women and mums really struggle to actually achieve the goals they set for themselves?

 Even with a million inspirational Instagram posts bombarding them every day, Pinterest boards full of things they want to achieve and accountability from online support groups left right and centre, most women are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and stuck more than ever before. Often spinning their wheels and taking one step forward and then 2 steps backwards to the point they throw their hands up in the air and turn on the Kardashians in defeat. But it doesnt have to be that way ... 

IVe created this EPIC goal setting system that  for the past 7 years ive been teaching to women all over the globe.

Including not only a 2.5 hour workshop that you get to keep FOREVER. but also a full workbook , bonus material and access to my goal setting facebook support group. 

 SO, its Time to stop creating vague AF, unsexy, uninspiring goals that are keeping you stuck as all hell. It's time to start fully owning your desires and taking inspired action towards your wildest dreams.

lets do it babe !

So who is this workshop for .... 

It's Exclusively for Women who want to go to that next level 

But who need a little help not only figuring out WHAT that exactly looks like …. but they also need some REAL ACTION STEPS to actually achieve it. If you are tired of feeling, stuck, spinning your wheels unsure of the next step ...And you want to start attracting intention, excitement passion, purpose and soul led abundance into your life more easily and effortlessly than ever before... Then this is YOUR time, so start now. 

And that's why we're doing this.

Ask yourself -
 Where do you want to be 1 month from now?
6 months from now?
 1 year from now?

Failing to plan, and failing to invest in the right tools and avoiding the energy work, will be the only reasons why you do not achieve the results and abundance you truly desire. 

Stop DREAMING about MORE and actually start unlocking the most BADASS YOU!

Meet the author / teacher

Hi, I'm Shona, and I'm Obsessed with Money Mindset

Shona is a Mum of 3 from Australia. Self-proclaimed badass wine lover and authenticity ambassador. Shona is Passionate about helping Mums overcome their limiting beliefs about money, totally transform their Money Mindset and Un-complicate their finances  Giving them the tools and support to Empower Mums who want to learn how to manifest Wealth ... without all the fluff.

Founder of Sexy Selfish 
and Tyne Creative studio 

“"A workshop like no other, 

Straight into the nitty gritty of setting goals, making big plans, and giving them deadlines. I thought for sure I would come up with some dream goals but had no idea I would walk away with an actual business plan on how to achieve them! I left feeling empowered, motivated and ready to take it to the next level! Amazing!"

jess - mum to three boys 

“This workshop is totally next level, and I mean “blow” my mind"

I was able to come up with goals, break them down into little bits, and set deadlines on them in such an easy and achievable way. I just cant wait to get onto the next step! Anyone who is serious about moving to the next level should not hesitate to attend Shona’s workshop. You will leave the session with a blown mind and some Sexy Badass Goals!!!!!!!

Katrina - Virtual assistant 

This workshop Is For You    

You need to actually make time to  learn The strategy  behind a successful goal. and creating an action plan. 

You're tired of strategy that doesn't work, SMART goals or new moon manifestations that doesn't feel right. 

You want to learn the mindset hacks behind successful, goal smashing, abundant women. 


You are vibing with everything I am saying right now energetically. You are starting to feel that tingle. You want more. You long for more... you know you are worth more!

Lets do this !



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