Imagine feeling empowered and confident in every marketing message you put out into the world. Knowing that your words are resonating with your dream client, and that your message is hitting home. You feel a deep sense of connection with your audience, understanding their pain points and desires like never before. The engagement on your social media posts is through the roof, and you're receiving DMs and emails from potential clients who are excited to work with you.

Gone are the days of feeling like your marketing efforts are falling on deaf ears. You have a deeper understanding of your audience and can now speak to them in a way that truly resonates. 

The confidence you feel in your marketing is translating to every aspect of your business, and that confidence makes you bulletproof

you dont get caught up in what β€œshes” doing 

you dont need to jump on trends 

you dont need to folow anyone elses hacks, or tips 

you get to move in a way that you focus on YOU and do ths right thing for your business and your audience with total confidence


speaking so you are heard by the right people 

4 customer buyer types 

xx shona 

 As a woman entrepreneur selling products and services online, understanding your buyers is essential for success. 

You need to know what motivates them, 

what their needs are, 

and how they make decisions to tailor your marketing approach to their preferences. 

This training will introduce you to the four primary buyer types – analytical, amiable, assertive, and expressive – and provide insights on how to communicate with each type effectively.


πŸ–€ 90 minute masterclass 
πŸ–€ written training content 
πŸ–€ Bonuses + extras 
πŸ–€ lifetime access 

all the juicy details

speaking so you are HEARD 

The Deets You Can't Miss:
 buyer type masterclass

Meet the author / teacher

Hi, I'm Shona, and I'm Obsessed with Money Mindset

Shona is a Mum of 3 from Australia. Self-proclaimed badass wine lover and authenticity ambassador. Shona is Passionate about helping Mums overcome their limiting beliefs about money, totally transform their Money Mindset and Un-complicate their finances  Giving them the tools and support to Empower Mums who want to learn how to manifest Wealth ... without all the fluff.

Founder of Sexy Selfish 
and Tyne Creative studio