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Abundant As F*ck

Abundant AF  is a 6-part program designed to totally transform the way women earn, spend, save and attract MONEY!

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The time is now, you are worthy, you are enough ... you can trust yourself to take this leap 

Abundant af 

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What if I told you that you could...

Drop the money struggle and recode your brain on a deep cellular level to receive wealth every single day. learn how to manage and grow your money  without having to cut out things like coffee or date nights to get there.  Learn how to manifest wealth fast, without the fluffiness of dancing in the moon light or sticking a rose quartz up your ass.  Tap into the wealthy woman you know you are truly meant to be and start living your dream life and business TODAY. 

All of this is possible .... 

ready for your life to change ?

Does this sound familiar?

You’re ready to totally transform your relationship with money, and begin attracting wealth easier than ever before ?

But there’s a problem - you dont know where to start, and you dont want to go it alone...

You can see other people being successful at managing and manifesting money but you just cant quite figure out how to do it for yourself.

You feel like theres never enough money, constantly stuck in  a mindset of lack and poverty, no matter how much money you make, the feeling never goes away. 

You feel overwhelmed and weighted down by money. And angry at yourself for not just " getting it" like everyone else seems to. 

You've wasted countless hours on social media, you tube and books trying to put it all together but you still feel like your taking one step forward and two steps back.





"For the first time in my life I can feel the financial abundance coming in

Participating in Abundant AF has shown me where I have been limiting myself and I have started releasing all the stagnation I've been feeling within myself and my business. For the first time in my life I can feel the financial abundance coming in to help me achieve all my goals"


3 years ago I was living every mother's worst nightmare...
I had opened my bank account and three little numbers were staring back at me. $300. That was it. This would have been ok, but I had a pile of credit card debt, a car loan, and my husband and I were both out of work. We literally had no money coming in. We couldn’t even live pay-check to pay-check, because there wasn’t one. I hit rock bottom.

I realised the decisions I had made created a life where I was forced to count every cent. I would feel my stomach ache when I went to check the mailbox in case there was a bill in there… And worst of all I didn’t know what to DO about it.

I started to study and implement money mindset training.
I read every book, took every free course, and even hung out in the self-development section of the library  Very slowly my world began to shift. I started seeing money come into my life, slowly at first, but within months it was hundreds here and thousands there.
I started seeing an opportunity. My ideas started to work… And all of it happened while I had 2 kids at home! People had told me I would always struggle and you couldn’t get ahead with kids.But they were wrong

my life might look glamourous now, but guess what ... 

i use to be the brokest bitch... 

A life filled with abundance and wealth is in your reach, you just need to know how to unlock it!

Abundant As F*CK 


Living pay check to pay check, uninspired and stuck ... really sucks, like big hairy gorilla balls sucks. You deserve so much more, and so does your family. If you are tired of living the same old year over and over again and if you are so over living beneath your financial potential. Then click here and lets get manifesting. 

Lets break it down ...

Heres what you will learn

outcome 1 

LEARN ABOUT THE ENERGY AND FREQUENCY OF MONEY SO THAT YOU CAN BECOME A MAGNET TO ATTRACT MORE OF IT. this is where i am going to teach you about the laws of abundance that govern our spiritual world. 

Understand the energy of money 

Outcome 2 

Say goodbye to money guilt 

Learn the real root causes of trauma and anxiety when it comes to wealth. and COMPLETELY ELIMINATE ANXIETY Guilt AND FEAR AROUND MANAGING YOUR MONEY 

outcome 3 

Create a magnetic money mindset 

learn about the true habits of the wealthy, AND DISCOVER HOW TO COMPLETELY REWIRE YOUR MINDSET to attract and receive WEALTH. 

outcome 4 

create more $$$ opportunities 

Learn how to hack your brain to notice more money making opportunities each day, begin to see how easy it is to create more abundance each day.  

How does this sound ?

What if i told you that you could 


Drop the money struggle and recode your brain on a deep cellular level to receive wealth every single day. 


learn how to manage and grow your money without having to cut out things like coffee or date nights to get there. 


Learn how to manifest wealth fast, without the fluffiness of dancing in the moon light or sticking a rose quartz up your ass. 


Tap into the wealthy woman you know you are truly meant to be and start living your dream life and business TODAY. 


How it works 


Not only did i put together a life changing course, but because i have 0 chill, of course you guys are getting access to epic pre work, meditations, playlists and goodies to set your magnetic wealthy woman energy from the get go. shall we dive in ... 

6 modules 

Over the 6 part modules of this course we are going to deep dive into not only strategy work like investing, budgeting like a badass and how to identify assets and liabilities. We are also going to uncover and work through your subconscious relationship with money, wealth and abundance though energy work and mindset techniques. 

workbook + bonuses

to accompany the 6 part course is a sexy workbook, for you to use during and in-between the modules to go deeper into this work and action some of the activities. as-well as the bonus portal which contains hour and hours of extra material, audio tracks, printables + bonuses for you to binge out on 

Kind words

So many takeaways, but Knowing and understanding my money personality. I also realised how I can do small things to make feel more abundant. I feel the clearest I’ve ever felt on what I want for my life and for my family."



A year from now your life could look vastly more abundant

So lets start today 

Yes, it really works!

Sandra achieved every goal she set. 

I did what you told me, I wrote down on a big piece of paper all the things that I wanted to achieve for the year.  I wrote it all down in detail and then went about my year. 6 moths later, not only had I achieved EVERYTHING on the paper but I had gotten EVEN MORE."


Ashlea healed a toxic money cycle 

"Money feels good now

"Before I took the course I was scared to spend money and spent so much time counting dollars and trying to save, there was never enough. Now I feel grateful for what we have, I know more ways for money to flow in and my thinking around money is so much more positive. Money feels good now.My thinking has completely changed. My life has completely changed. Feeling so positive about money and the future was worth every cent and I can not recommend this course more."

Leah learnt more than she imagined. 

"so glad i signed up 

"I now feel empowered instead of stuck, I have opened up communications with my partner about finances, and lost that icky feeling that came up whenever I had to deal with bills, budgeting etc. Money for Mummy is the perfect mix of smart savvy advice mixed with woo woo hippy stuff, so glad I signed up."

You are in the right place... 

The time is now... 

Can you feel that sense of excitement, exhilaration and possibility simmering underneath the fear of saying YES? When there are hope and possibility under the fear or uncertainty .. then I know it's time to leap. That’s when I know I am being guided and stretched so that I can grow.
When we take action from this space of inspiration and empowered purpose, incredible things happen, crazy things happen. Joy, wealth, success, adventure ... it all happens. I believe in this process so strongly, so deeply, this is my life’s work, my legacy. And if you feel like this is the next step on your path to a more aligned + abundant future, then I will be so honoured to guide you.


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In Goodbye money guilt + Hello Abundance Shona will teach you the principles of money mindset that will heal and clear your resistance to wealth and show you how to attract more abundance into your life every single day with ease, fun and alignment. 


By the end of this, you will

You have confidence in yourself, and your financial capabilities

You finally trust yourself with money, and you no longer have to fear spending or saving. 

Your bank accounts are in total over flow and growing every day.

Every day luxuries are your new normal. You no longer live week to week, pay check to pay check 

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"Everything is soo clear now !

I manifested 5 new clients this week .... since i joined, I have now got clear on what I want to do with my coaching practice and my life... everything is soo clear now !


Shona Gates... 

meet your teacher 

Money Mindset expert and business coach Shona Gates is passionate about helping women worldwide transform their relationship with money. As a serial entrepreneur and coach, Shona began to notice a reoccurring theme in her development journey and in her clients' mindset work. 

 Money was the block that kept popping up over and over again. Determined to get rid of money guilt for good, Shona spent years transforming her relationship with money, and she vowed that as she learned and mastered this, she would share it with as many women as possible. 

Shona Gates has employed different means to reach as many people as possible across the globe. In her online courses, memberships and the new book, she shares her wealth of experience garnered over the years coaching women from all walks of life to embrace the success mindset and get rid of money guilt FOR GOOD.

Your sex positive, potty mouth  money mindset coach

The time is now, you are worthy, you are enough ... I wouldn't wait 

We've all been there, completed a course, written notes and promptly forgotten what it was about, or failed to execute the course components. 

This is not another "fluffy, feel good" course. It was designed by me from the ground up to ensure that each participant would see tangible results when it comes to transforming their relationship with money


This course is the only one of its kind because...

Online and available 24/7 to fit with your busy lifestyle. 

I am a busy mum, but I also want to impact as many mums on a global scale as possible. If I run a live in person physical session I can perhaps get 12 local people in the room, where as online in this capacity I can impact 1200 people from all over the world. 
We do the session together weekly online and then the replay is avaliable forever. 

I've been broke AF,

I’ve driven the POS car that should have been written off,
I’ve raided my kid's money banks to buy milk and bread,
I’ve been embarrassed to take canned goods donations from the local church.
I’ve argued with my husband about money,
I’ve felt jealous of other people who seemed to have their shit sorted so much easier than mine.
I've had debt collectors calling me,
I've blown thousands of dollars on stuff I didn't need just because it didn't feel safe to be a wealthy woman,
I've self-sabotaged left right and centre….
While I am a business owner and that is my journey, which I share openly, yours doesn't have to be the same, you don't have to hit rock bottom like I did before you start clawing your way back out the hole.

I’ve done the hard yards, so you don't have to ….

 Study at your
 Own pace or join us live 

written, video + audio
learning options

 grow your support

 follow a proven roadmap

ready to step into your most wealthy self ?

Abundant AF 

Abundant AF  is a 6-part program designed to totally transform the way women earn, spend, save and attract MONEY!


If you want THIS to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

A life filled with abundance and wealth is in your reach, you just need to know how to unlock it!

Actually learning about money, wealth, investing and how to #adult when it comes to $$$

Setting up a badass budget that works for you, your family and your unique goals. without sacrificing the things you love.

Doing the deeper work to heal your inner relationship with money, wealth and abundance. 

Rewire and create new wealth codes for true abundance in every single area of your life. 

Growing your confidence and self trust with money and wealth. releasing fear shame and judgment. 

money isn't just about numbers, strategy and restriction. Money is about energy, frequency, and embodiment.

lets be honest right now ...  

This is for you if ...

This is probably not for you if ... 

You not only signed up to all the webinars and reads all the books, but you took action on the things you learn' online course 

You are maybe afraid or nervous, but you are ready to show the universe your here to go big or go home baby.

You are sooo ready to be surrounded by like minded, fiercely positive, always ambitious badass women like yourself, to feel truly heard and understood in your quest for growth and abundance.

More than anything, you're ready to make BANK, to call in that dream business, pay check, and LIFE. pack 

You are vibing with everything I am saying right now energetically. You are starting to feel that tingle. You want more. You long for more... you know you are worth more! 

You're wanting someone to wave a magic wand and just fix it all for you .

You're committed to your old belief system, stuck in fear town and mayor of comfort zone county.. You and I both know your not ready to actually do the do. 

Theres no spark, no excitement, no buzz as your thinking about your future. 

You can't even remember the last time ( if ever) that you picked up a personal development book, podcast or youtube. This probably isn't the beginner course for you. 


So, what are you waiting for ...

Babe, creating a life that’s more amazing than you could ever dream of, is actually a lot simpler than you realise.

And I’m going to prove it to you … 

Still on the fence? 

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business and self growth is an important one! Send me an email and I'll help you decide if ABUNDANT AF is right for you. 

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