Coaching Industry Trends for 2024: Moving Beyond Basic

As the coaching industry evolves rapidly, trends are constantly changing. However, the focus for 2024 is clear – moving beyond the “basic” and embracing transparency and accountability. Here are the top coaching industry trends for 2024 we predict for the year ahead:

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In: Clear Outcomes and Measurable Results

Coaching industry trends for 2024 will put more emphasis on clear product/service/ offer outcomes and measurable results. This is especially crucial when pitching high ticket items.

Out: Word Salad Selling

In 2024, clarity and precision will replace fluffy and winded pitches in the business coaching industry.

In: Leveraged Education Programs

Properly designed, marketed, and priced education programs with realistic expectations are set to dominate the coaching industry trends for 2024.

Out: Building Courses for the Sake of It

The trend of everyone thinking they need to build a course is set to decline in 2024. Instead, the emphasis will be on creating value-added educational content.

In: Accountability and Feedback

In 2024, the culture of blocking out haters in the coaching industry will be replaced with a culture of asking for and listening to feedback. Acknowledging your shortcomings and continuously striving for improvement will be the norm.

Out: Lack of Accountability

Lack of accountability will no longer be tolerated in the coaching industry in 2024.

In: Strategic Price Increase

Raising your prices in 2024 will require alignment, intention, and most importantly, a solid strategy.

Out: Overnight Price Increase

The trend of increasing prices overnight in the hopes of attracting better clients is on its way out in 2024.

In: Transparency

Being transparent about your journey, especially how long it took to achieve 7 figures, will be valued in the coaching industry trends for 2024.

Out: Hiding Behind Large Numbers

Claiming to be a 7-figure coach without providing the backstory will be less accepted in 2024.

In: Long-Term Strategy

Coaching industry trends for 2024 will focus on playing the long game and creating a legacy.

Out: Quick Hacks

Quick hacks and shortcuts will be less popular in the coaching industry in 2024.

2024 is all about doing better and leaving the ‘basic’ in the past.

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Coaching Industry Trends for 2024: Moving Beyond Basic

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