Manifestation blind spots you might not know about

The universe is always paying attention, so when you contradict your manifestation with these subconscious blindspots, ignoring opportunities that are presented to you, you are actually delaying your own success. Blocking your manifestation from materializing in your life. 

“I’m ready to manifest major money into my life,” she says to the universe every day….. Yet she walks past the $2.00 coin on the sidewalk.

She ignores the opportunities that seem to pop up in front of her.

She says no to the free seminar on investing in property and yet …. she buys a lottery ticket every single week, convinced she’s going to win big!

I see this play out, over, and over and over again, babes with their blinkers stuck on. despite reading every book on manifestation, abundance and intention.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m all for focus… in fact, FOCUS is key when you’re working towards a goal; stiletto heel focus!!!

BUT …. When you’re trying to manifest abundance …. When you have tapped into the feelings images and beliefs of the NEXT LEVEL YOU, it’s really important to take your blinkers OFF.

You need to keep your eyes, ears and heart open to ALL the opportunities for abundance, all the way’s wealth and your goal is trying to reach you.

Shona Gates Manifestation blind spots you might not know about

Set the intention, take inspired action towards your manifestation but … let go of the HOW.

The “how” is where we trip up, where we put our blinkers on, where we push away the opportunities that are trying to come into our life …. The HOW is where we get bogged down in stuff and our vibe starts to go down. The how is where we ignore what the universe is telling us.

When you are working to manifest abundance ….. surrender to the Faith that it is coming … because it is …  don’t get bogged down in the how, in the path, in the steps.

Set your intentions. Take inspired, aligned high vibe action from your heart space and surrender the HOW.

Blinkers OFF bitches

Open wide to all the manifestation and abundance the universe is trying to send you because chances are the universe is trying to gently nudge you towards another path of abundance, and if you are soo focused on the “how” of one path … you’ll ignore it.

  • Pick that coin up (and say thank you for it).
  • Attend that seminar.
  • Join that group coaching program
  • Go for that job interview
  • Read that new book but don’t get caught up in “this is the only way it will happen”.

Keep your heart open … listen to the little soul nudges from the universe.

That wealth and abundance are trying to get to you ….. you just have to be open to receiving your heart’s manifestation. 

x Shona 

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Manifestation blind spots you might not know about

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