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The time is now, you are worthy, you are enough ... you can trust yourself to take this leap 

coaching with Shona 


This is the kind of intensive coaching for the woman who has already been working on her mindset. . She knows her shit, and she knows that if other women can be successful and achieving similar goals around her then she can too... she's just lacking that next step.

Maybe it's the strategy, maybe its that success mindset, maybe its even working through some of those pesky money blocks, but either way she's willing ready and excited to go from where she is now to where she wants to be.Thats where I come in.

ready for your life to change ?

Does this sound familiar?

I see you …. Yes you Mumma, hustling into the wee hours of the morning to launch your new products, surviving on coffee, Taking conference calls while you're making snacks and packing lunches, closing deals on the bleachers watching soccer practice

I see you … I see you behind closed doors, When you chew your nails to the bone scared that you won't break even this month

I see you when you hide in the shower cry in the shower the imposter syndrome that haunts you threatening to swallow you whole

I see you nervously check your reviews, your heart jumping for joy and the 5 stars and slipping into crushing self-doubt when you read the uncommon but devastating 2 stars or less

I see you, the black marks under your eyes from lack of sleep and self-criticism, the exhaustion you feel trying to juggle, mum life and boss babe life





I see you, snap at your kids for interrupting your call, again and again …. and then I see you beat yourself up over snapping at them for days


I see you … doing everything right, listening to all the training doing all the courses, tweaking your FB ads over and over again … yet getting nowhere.


I see you ...and …. I adore you …. hell I was you,

 "Working 1 on 1 with Shona is a blessing. 

She keeps me on track even when I feel like I'm flailing! She reminds me it's ok to be HumanAF - but it's also important to dig in a build something that really makes my soul sing.


I want you to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel
I want you to know that the world NEEDs what you offer, it WANTS to hear your message
I want you to know that even though somewhere in business and mother hood and PTA meetings you might have forgotten how incredible you are …. YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!
I want you to know you DO deserve to be wealthy woman and money can be FUN !

I want you to remember just how badass you really are ….

I want you to know that even though right now you might feel completely alone

 you are not alone ... 

Because deep down inside you know that you CAN do this, you know that you are made for more, you know that you could change the world if you desired too 

Business Badassery 


It’s not that you're not talented enough or smart enough
it's not that you're somehow not “good” or worthy enough.
You know you have gifts to share with the world, and your hearts truest desires are 100% meant for you. It’s like you’re right on the edge of breaking through to being that joyful, successful and wealthy boss babe you KNOW you can really be. So why hasn’t it happened yet .. you're doing all the work, but you just can't make it happen ????

The simple truth is babe – you’re still playing out the old patterns, beliefs, and energy that used to rule your world…the old broke, scared, lack bullshit that you have been stuck with your entire life

This old story around your worth + money is keeping you stuck, small and frustrated.

No matter how much work you do in your business until you do the mental mindset work to shift these old patterns habits and beliefs you'll never be able to break through into the BEST version of YOU that you know lies deep inside waiting to be unlocked.

Lets break it down ...

Heres what  our session includes

outcome 1 

 60 minutes of one on one coaching all about YOU. Conducted online via ZOOM. This life changing session will leave you feeling empowered and excited about the next step in your life. 

60 minute online session 

Outcome 2 

outcome 3 

Access t0 the Elite community 

On a journey like this you need support. Shona has included 30 days of support with her exclusive sexy selfish elite fb group as part of this BONUS, worth over $111 AUD. Normally, you get full access to the support group plus all live training and resources for a full 30 days.

outcome 4 

Prework + bonuses 

Before your one on one session you will receive a bunch of pre work resources including a workbook for you to use and a meditation to help you tap into that inspired action and self worth. 

Forever recording 

Theres nothing worse than attending a training and hearing some total gold but not being able to write it down fast enough. Well, you wont have to worry about that here. Because each session is audio recorded and you will have a copy of that audio to cherish and reference FOREVER. 

How does this sound ?

What if i told you that you could 


 Attract new clients and create messaging that feels exciting and fun instead of icky


scale your soul led business to 6-7 figures without stepping out of alignment


throw away the rules and design a business that is a FUCK yes in your soul. 


Tap into the wealthy woman you know you are truly meant to be and start living your dream life and business TODAY. 

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How it works 


Not only did i put together a life changing course, but because i have 0 chill, of course you guys are getting access to epic pre work, meditations, playlists and goodies to set your magnetic wealthy woman energy from the get go. shall we dive in ... 

60 minute session 

60 minute online session, conducted viz zoom, and recorded so you have it forever. this is where we will deep dive into the energy and strategy behind the next level of YOU and your business. its going to get juicy !! 


work like this requires ongoing suport, im not part of the deadbeat coaches club. no dump and run here ... aswel as the session + strategy report, you also get 30 days in the elite membership community.

Kind words

She helped me over come the imposter syndrome and work on my money mindset. I'm so glad I invested in a business coach, even now months later her advice plays in my head when I'm working on client emails or how to set up better systems in my business. she was my mentor and support system at a time when business life was so new and over whelming"

"I'm so glad I invested in a business coach


A year from now your life + Business could look vastly more abundant

So lets start today 

Yes, it really works!

kelly needed some strategy to match her big visions 

Thank you Shona for helping me to level up my business plans. My mind was overwhelmed and although I had ALL the ideas of what I wanted to do to support my clients, I didn't know how to set it out and. which order to start. Step in my magical fairy godmother, Shona! She has worked closely with me as a business coach over the past 2 years to support me from start up business to thriving and exceeding well beyond my expectations including hiring 2 staff. 

"Shes my magical business fairy godmother

Melissa set up a solid foundation 


"Highly recommend business support from sexy selfish if you are just starting out!! From my first meeting I had guidance.I was on the right track, the motivation and support from Shona pushed me further knowing I can do this!Such a different experience to be encouraged, to dream big and not feel silly doing so."

Danielle, rebranded and is now scaling 


"Shona helped me to clarify my vision of the business and how it fits in with my personal goals including my recent rebrand. Shona continues to walk alongside me, sharing her knowledge, providing guidance and holding me accountable so that my business can continue to be successful.”

Tarnya, set some incredible goals 


"From the moment I sat down with Shona during our 1 on 1 session, I was inspired and amazed by Shonas wealth of knowledge and understanding of all things business. Shona was well prepared for our session, having great time management and tailoring the session specifically to my business.
Shona left me motivated and gave me the confidence to implement strategies I had been procrastinating over for far too long!
I look forward to more sessions with Shona and continuing to watch my business grow."

Tarnya, set some incredible goals 


"From the moment I sat down with Shona during our 1 on 1 session, I was inspired and amazed by Shonas wealth of knowledge and understanding of all things business. Shona was well prepared for our session, having great time management and tailoring the session specifically to my business.
Shona left me motivated and gave me the confidence to implement strategies I had been procrastinating over for far too long!
I look forward to more sessions with Shona and continuing to watch my business grow."

You are in the right place... 

The time is now... 

So moving forward you have 2 options …

1. keep hustling like a muther farker … pushing, grinding and working day after day.

2 Stop, breathe, release and step into the version of YOU that is lead by your heart, attracting money and abundance with ease and flow each day! Authentically and Unapologetically manifesting wealth by letting go of the old BS you have been desperately holding on to and free yourself from that lack mindset FOREVER

Unleash your Inner BADASS

The truth is … all the soul mate clients, money, wealth and DREAM BUSINESS is actually available to you right NOW … and I can show you exactly how to get it.


book today and get my 2 best selling Ebooks for free 

In Goodbye money guilt + Hello Abundance Shona will teach you the principles of money mindset that will heal and clear your resistance to wealth and show you how to attract more abundance into your life every single day with ease, fun and alignment. 

Lets do this!

"I left my session with shona feeling inspired and excited about the future of my family and my business.

She shared her personal experiences with me and made me realise that i am not alone and that things will get better. I would highly recommend shona to any woman that needs help and direction in their business and for themselves." 


shona Gates... 

meet your teacher 

Money Mindset expert and business coach Shona Gates is passionate about helping women worldwide transform their relationship with money. As a serial entrepreneur and coach, Shona began to notice a reoccurring theme in her development journey and in her clients' mindset work. 

 Money was the block that kept popping up over and over again. Determined to get rid of money guilt for good, Shona spent years transforming her relationship with money, and she vowed that as she learned and mastered this, she would share it with as many women as possible. 

Shona Gates has employed different means to reach as many people as possible across the globe. In her online courses, memberships and 2 bestselling  book, she shares her wealth of experience garnered over the years coaching women from all walks of life to embrace the success mindset and get rid of money guilt FOR GOOD.

Your sex positive, potty mouth  money mindset coach

The time is now, you are worthy, you are enough ... I wouldn't wait 

 You are passionate about what you do (and despite the comparison that still creeps up, you know you are incredible at your work).
You know you’ve been getting in your own way - settling for less, making up stories on why you’re not ready, sabotaging your strategy and comparing yourself.
You’ve already had success in your business, but you are sooo ready for THE NEXT LEVEL. 


Why VIP coaching ?

This offer isn't for the faint of heart 

You’re ready for more flow and ease in your business, so you can be more present in your life and have all the time in the world to spend with your family. 
You're over the stress, pressure and drama that has been surrounding your goals and you are fully committed to creating your dream income in a way that is enjoyable for you.
You're ready to start walking your talk and start living in complete limitless abundance so you can show others what's possible for them too.

You don't have to choose between being a “good” mum and being a successful business owner!

If you know now is your time, if your being called to step up … then keep reading ...

there IS an easier way … and babe its so much closer than you realize!!!

If your reading this and its resonating with YOU in your heart, knowing you're meant for more ….. then you might be ready for my 1-on-1 Business Mentoring.

Select the payment option that works for you 

Most affordable 

Best value 

Strategy Session 60 minutes 

monthly strategy  sessions

60 minute online coaching session 

forever recording for future reference 

30 days in the elite membership community 



 exclusive pre work  bundle 

60 minute online coaching session 1x per month 

Each session recorded for future reference 

FUll access to the elite membership community 

exclusive pre work  bundle 

Business isn't just about numbers, strategy and restriction. Business success is about energy, frequency, and embodiment.

ready to step into your most wealthy self ?

coaching with shona 

A powerful conversation, some brutal honesty, a sprinkle of strategy and a total kick start.
hello, new YOU 


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 "Supportive and caring she guided me through some simple strategies to make it work.

Working with Shona showed me how to manage my time better between business, mum life and life in general.


If you want THIS to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

A life filled with abundance and wealth is in your reach, you just need to know how to unlock it!

Actually learning about pricing, profit, growth and scaling to make $$$ doing what you love

Understanding what a success mindset looks like and how important boundaries and energy actually are to your business. 

Doing the deeper work to heal your inner relationship with money, wealth and abundance. 

Rewire and create new wealth codes for true abundance, success, growth and joy

Growing your confidence and self trust with your business. truly throwing out the rule book because you know YOU create the rules. 


So, what are you waiting for ...

60 minute business coaching session ,

Join the waitlist by clicking bellow and fiflling in the  application, and we will let you know once coaching spots become available.  

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Babe, creating a life that’s more amazing than you could ever dream of, is actually a lot simpler than you realise.

And I’m going to prove it to you …