for the woman who is ready 

 You are ready for her, her expansion, her overflow, her divine presence and certainty.

ready to level up your THING?

1-on-1 with shona 

This is about stepping into the most powerful and potent version of you, the tapped-in, playful goddess you know is within you. Waiting to be released.

 The version of you who moves with certainty, who sets the standards high, whose magnetic energy captivates and elevates everyone around her. 

The woman who knows that it's a full-body, yes, or it's a fuck no. Who continues to evolve and expand into the wealthiest, most confident badass boss bitch.

This is it, the arrival at the most authentic, most certain version of you. 

lets do it babe !

You’ve already done the work

You already know there is magic in your message, and you've created, built, inspired, and grown a business that excites you and pushes you to do new levels. You already understand what healing looks like, and how to shift the beliefs that were keeping you stagnant … you are no stranger to embodied business. 

But you have landed here because although you have already created incredible things … you are seeking so much more. The desire for actual overflow, wealth and success beyond anything you could even imagine. True abundance on every single level of your life. 

To become genuinely magnetic, drawing and elevating soul clients to you with effortless ease. A certainty in yourself, your brand, and your offerings .. that empowers you to be completely badass and bulletproof. 

You've landed here, in this space … because you ARE READY to become her!

This is it...

The moment you step into an entirely new level of trust, potency, wealth, pleasure and magnetic power. 

Badass + bulletproof

 6 months of 1.1 business coaching, strategy and mindset activation. 

1x monthly intensive coaching cal 

Private voxer 24/7 chat 

The “everything” passes to all my signature courses + content and any course I launch during our time together.

 As well as full access to my elite membership for 12 months.


This level of coaching is capped at 5 women. I do this to ensure the highest level of integrity and depth in my coaching and service. 

How i work as a INTUITIVE business + Mindset coach 

Im not like every other business coach out there, and I mean that in the best way. Because with over ten years of experience, success in multiple industries and a deep understanding of strategy and mindset … there is no other coach like me. 

I see, know and understand your desires deeply; I can envision the path before you and know what is required in your business and your mindset to evolve to the next level of higher certainty and abundance. I can see, feel and understand what you cannot quite touch yet, for distance and experience offers us a perspective like no other. 

Your soul's evolution has its own timeline. Your business evolution has its own timeline. It's not going to look like anyone else. But together, we can activate the potent wealthy woman mindset that will guide you into your own power. Together we can clear away the baggage that's been holding you back; Together, we can walk towards the version of you ready to receive higher influxes of money, more pleasure in your life, and activate your magnetic abundance. 

Business, mindset, relationships, experience, and self-worth, it's all intermingled in a careful and knowing web. Hence, as I guide you to evolve + expand your business, know that we will also reach new levels of evolution in all other areas of life. 

I see you whole, the whole, beautiful, complex, intricate woman you are. I see you, I honour you, and this message you are here to impact the world with. It's time to finally arrive at the woman you know deep down you are meant to be.

Shona Gates 

Abundant, overflowing, playful 

Badass + Bulletproof 

Master and deeply connect with your product suite, offerings, signature offers, pricing etc., and learn how to launch and message with fun and desirable magnetism, ultimately owning who you are and what you are here to do, without doubt, fear or hesitation. 

Coaching outcomes 

Aligned pricing + Luxury offerings

Elevate what you know is possible for you, and expand into your next income level, whether 50k months, 100k months or beyond. Let's play in a new field of overflow, abundance and alignment. 

Unlock your Inner Wealthy Woman

Tap into your feminine desires, pleasure and power to learn how to create safety and ease by receiving and manifesting dream clients, wealth and opportunities faster than ever before. Attract clients ready and excited to work with you, who are called to you and confident in their choice to work with you. 

Safety in Receiving

Trusting yourself first always, connecting to the diving wisdom already inside you, knowing on a deep should level that you cannot, fuck it up. And learning to trust that your desires are the road map. 

Certainty, Trust and Intuition 

The aligned steps to expand your team, deepen the quality of your work, sustain your growth and create a legacy, a business that will be here impacting people for decades to come. 

Support, Vulnerability + Expansion

Discover how to create and attract money and abundance from a place of fun, playful, potent power. Taking ownership and responsibility for your desires, talents, soul gifts and energy. Embodying the highest version of you now, the one who everyone is drawn to when she enters a room.

Magnetic Money and Wealthy Woman Habits 

In your business, life, body, cycles, everything, identify, heal and close so that your potent energy can be channelled to where it is desired most—making minor tweaks that could add hundreds of thousands to your income.

Closing Energy Leaks 

You already know ... 

You already know, 
You are already ready, 
You know what you want 
You already know you're prepared to work with me 
You feel it in your body, in your heart, that deep knowing, that soul nudge towards this.
You want more. You cannot settle for “just ok” again 
You're a business owner, a prominent leader, 
You are almost there, six figures +, and you are ready to unlock the next level,
You came here for a massive impact. 
You know that your message and work will transform the lives of so many people, 
You know that your next level will come from taking a step outside your comfort zone, trusting that intuition and investing in yourself. 
And more than anything, you know that now is the time. 

The time is always now …. 



Bulletproof + Badass 1:1 experience for 6 months  is currently AUD $2222 a month or $13,332 in full. 

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